1. The delivery shall be made as agreed in the order completion.

2. Sales prices do not include costs for delivery, assembly or installation. If no separate arrangements for transportation or delivery are agreed, the costs actually incurred will be charged, including a reasonable direct cost impact, but not less than the applicable costs of delivery or freight carriage of the selected mode of transport.

The EXW Tulln is in charge of the delivery at the risk of the client, even if the freight and other costs are at our expense. The goods will be insured by us against transport damage on behalf of the client, if there is a written instruction.

3. The transport costs for the products in the shopping card are calculated in our online shop automatically. By stating the country and zip code in our webshop, the exact shipping cost will be calculated and displayed according to the product weight. Orders can only be completed as a registered customer.

4. We reserve the right to select the shipping method, unless nothing else has been agreed. The entrance to the unloading spot must be suitable for access by trucks, including trailers to 38t total weight. If this condition is not achieved, the Customer is liable for all resulting additional costs and possible damages. The client is obligated to obtain required regulatory approvals in time at his own expense and to prove.

5. The delivery service "by truck" is only available for orders with a total weight of 24 tons and available in the following countries: Austria, Germany, and France. The shipping costs will be calculated by our webshop based on the zip code and weight. The customer has the possibility to review the shipping costs at the shopping card of our shop system.

Please contact our customer service by mail or telephone for more information about the destinations that need to be approached by truck (without sea freight).

6. In case of delivery of sea freight, a destination-port in Europe needs to be elected. The delivery includes only transportation to the elected port with destination in Europe, the further course of transport must be organized and carried out by the customer. A container has a capacity of 21 tons, which is automatically calculated by our shop system. Delivery costs are made up of the port of destination, including fees and the number of containers. The customer has the possibility to review the shipping costs at the shopping card of our shop system.

7. A return of the goods consent our agreement in a written form. The delivery note and invoice number has to be mentioned at every return. Returns are in any case at the expense and risk of the client.

8. The agreed delivery period begins after the final clarification of all technical and commercial conditions has been reviewed by our company and after the receipt of all documents required for the execution. In case of delays of up to three months the client is neither entitled to withdraw from the contract nor to compensation. In case of force majeure we are not tied to the agreed delivery and performance period.

9. We reserve the right to appoint a non-binding expected delivery date and remark this on the order confirmation for ordered goods, which are not available at all or not available in sufficient quantities in our stock at the time of placing the order. This time period may be postponed at short notice and without prior notice. The delivery of ordered goods takes place after the date of placing the order.

In case of unavailability of the ordered goods, we will inform the client immediately and possibly prepayments refund.

10 The pallets are invoiced to cost price and taken back.

Disposable packaging can not be returned. The AG must ensure the proper disposal of packing material at his own expense.

11. We reserve the right to part deliveries. The client is obliged to accept the goods delivered to the announced date, even if this takes place in partial deliveries.

12. Each partial delivery is to consider as a separate legal business, as long as the goods aren’t inseparable things. We are entitled to offset our list prices for the actually performed deliveries, even the ordered goods are purchased in parts.

We are entitled to charge and invoice the full extent for ordered and uncollected amounts, as well as the costs for providing the disposal and other costs.

13. If the delivery is postponed by the client, for whatever reason, our company needs to be informed at least 2 days before the announced delivery, in a written form. Otherwise we are entitled to offset the scheduled work hours.

14. If the client is an entrepreneur according to the Austrian Commercial Code, the delivery note undersigned persons apply to us anyway than to accept the delivery and acknowledgment of receipt of authorized and empowered.

15. We are not obligated to take back sold goods or any components, as well as the packaging. The withdrawal requires our prior written consent. Our company withhold 25% of the sales price. Special and custom-made will not be returned.

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