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Sturdy Kitchens


kitchen worktops

out of natural stone

Kitchen worktops made of natural stone are not only stylish and elegant. They are also very robust, cut resistant, heat resistant and they withstand chemical loads.

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Luxury Bathrooms



out of natural stone

Bathrooms made of natural stone are characterized by their durability and uncomplicated care. Natural stones in the bathrooms are hygienic, grippy, timeless and very beautiful.

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Natural Beauty

Natural beauty


outdoor applications

Almost no other material than natural stone is better suited for optical highlights in the outdoor area. It is frost resistant and almost indestructible and fits into every landscape concept.

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Precious Stones


Precious Stone


These works of art are made out of many semi-precious stones by a complex production. The finished and beautiful slabs can also skilfully attract attention to their viewer by using a backlit.

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